Buy 5 pillow covers and receive 10% off using code "BUY5GET10" Buy 5 pillow covers and receive 10% off using code "BUY5GET10"

Indoor Pillow Insert



Our synthetic down inserts are similar to feather down inserts but without the feathers and quills that shed. These inserts are choppable and offer a full, designer look. Because they are made using 100% poly-fil, they are also hypoallergenic! These inserts are made using 100% polyester fiber filling and are hypoallergenic!

Square and lumbar inserts are sold separately from our custom designer pillow covers. *Please note if ordering a bolster (round), the insert is included with the purchase.*

Our inserts are stocked intentionally to allow clients who purchase pillow covers from our shop complete their purchases. If you do not intend to purchase a pillow cover from our shop, please select "without pillow cover" from the drop down box. If you are ordering an insert to fit a pillow cover ordered from our shop, please select "with pillow cover" and receive a discount with your purchase. If we are unable to match your insert order to a pillow cover order, we will reach out to you regarding the error and may cancel your order if necessary.

Please also note as of 4/1/21, our sizing guidelines have changed.  All pillow covers (indoor and outdoor) are now listed at finished sizes, meaning a 22x22 pillow cover measures exactly 22x22 from interior seams and will need a larger insert for a designer fit.  Please see our sizing recommendations to know which insert size to purchase.

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