I don’t know about you, but after every Holiday Season, when the tree is taken down, my home has this feeling of emptiness. It’s so palpable, that my husband even notices!

This year, I urge you to lean in to those feelings!

In this post, I am going to lay out two major tips to use the fullness of Christmas décor to make some minor adjustments to your home that will leave you with that same warmth and charm you feel during the Holiday season all year long! 


Tip Number One - Trust Your Gut

Shelf Styling Tips for replacing seasonal décor after Christmas holidays

This year, after our Christmas décor made its migration up our stairs to the great attic in the sky, my husband and I immediately noticed that our mantle and bookcases needed some TLC. It felt bare… it felt unfinished.

This is the first Christmas we have celebrated in our new home and it was apparent when we pulled down the garland and stockings that we needed to find some everyday décor pieces to give our home some substance year-round.

Trust your gut! If you pulled down your holiday decorations this year and felt like certain areas of your home were bare, lean in, use that feeling to spur your creativity! Make those adjustments and enjoy every detail of your home all year long! 


Tip Number Two- When in doubt… Try Paint!

Caitlyn Waite Designs Paint Guide - selecting the best paint colors for your space

Let’s say you have made several décor adjustments based off my emptiness theory suggested above, but you feel like your home is still lacking the warmth you desire… It could be PAINT!

Paint makes or breaks a homes warmth in my opinion, and the problem is, it’s so overwhelming to commit to! Why are there so many choices? Why do the choices look so different from the tiny swatch to the wall???? Listen, I hear you!

After 12 years of Interior design experience, paint is my most frequently asked question from clients, friends and family. It’s difficult, and it does take a lot of testing to get it right. Well… I decided to make a paint guide for my friends and family to reference whenever they needed! It’s $35 and it’s located on my website linked here!

Cait Waite Home Paint Guide - Picking Paint Like a Designer

I have broken down all my favorite paint colors down to the preference of light bulbs used! It’s very comprehensive, from white paints to dark paints, to tips and tricks I’ve learned over my 12 years in the business! It’s worth every penny for the stress, time and money it will save you from making a wrong paint decision!

Check it out if you haven’t already… you won’t regret it! 

Shameless plug, but of course after you make some paint adjustments, and you find yourself needing some beautiful pillows to enhance your home, I definitely recommend Mississippi Stitches! I work with a lot of showrooms and her work is pristine! I love my pillows from her! She does such a phenomenal job and has some amazing fabrics she has curated to choose from! 


I hope these tips above will help you fall in love with your home! If you still find yourself struggling with some areas, check out my monthly Design Crimes series! The first Thursday of every month, and 5:30pm Central, I hope on Instagram stories and “solve any of your design crimes, by dinner time” (thanks Mary Kate and Ashley…) 

Cait Waite Designs; Design Crimes with Caitlyn Waite

So if you are still at a loss, reach out on Thursdays and I’ll make some suggestions for free! Sometimes it just takes some minor tweaks to make a huge difference in your space! Love where you live and Happy New Year! 

- Caitlyn Waite

Principal Designer of Cait Waite Designs, Mobile, Alabama


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