Custom pillows in our shop are available to purchase with various types of trim options. The standard options listed are "knife edge" and "cording," but we can also customize using a welt cording, a flange trim, Turkish corners, and more. These additional trim options are currently available by request only, which means you'll need to message us for pricing options as these vary so much depending on the material and labor cost.

In this post we'll break down each available option and offer more insight into which trim might be best for your space so that you can choose your style confidently.


Knife Edge Pillow

 Custom Designer Pillow with Knife Edge Made in Mississippi

A knife edge pillow is the most economical choice when ordering pillows. There is no trim and the front and back fabrics are directly sewn together to form the pillow. Most "off the shelf" pillows at retail stores are knife edge pillows as these are typically quick and easy to manufacture. Hence, the price of this style is usually less than if adding a trim.

For less formal rooms like a den or a room where your family and friends gather for a relaxing night of movie watching, a knife edge pillow would be ideal. It's simplistic nature makes it a bit more casual and comfortable.


Corded Pillow

Custom Designer Pillow with Contrast Mini Cording Made in Mississippi

 Most pillow covers in our shop are available with the option to add a mini cording. This cording offers a more custom finish to your pillows and coordinates with the colors in the fabric pattern to offer more dimension to your pillows. We've selected a standard cording color for each pillow in our shop, but if you prefer something different, message us for other options!

We always recommend adding cording or other trim when styling pillows in your bedroom or more formal living spaces. The cording we use in our shop is the least expensive trim for purchase, so it's a great option for elevating the look of your room but without breaking the bank.


Self Welt or Contrast Welt Pillow

Custom Designer Pillow with Self Welt Made in Mississippi

 A self welt is a type of cording trim made using the same fabric as the face of the pillow. A welt cord is encased in the same material as the pillow's face fabric and then sewn to the pillow front before sewing the pillow's front and back side together. A contrast welt is made using a different fabric from the pillow material. It is often made using a solid coordinating material.

Welt cords come in many different sizes. We use a 5/32" welt cord in our workroom. This size is slightly larger than our standard cording option, but the profile of this welt cord is still small enough not to overwhelm the pillow.

Because of additional material and labor required when creating self welt or contrast welt, pricing is typically a bit more than selecting our standard cording option. Similar to cording, this trim option is ideal for bedrooms, casual gathering spaces, and more formal living areas too.


Self Flange with Butterfly Pleated Corner Pillow

 Custom Designer Pillow with Self Flange and Butterfly Pleated Corner Made in Mississippi

Custom Designer Pillow with Self Flange and Butterfly Pleated Corner Made in Mississippi

A self flange is made similarly to self welt but without being wrapped around a welt cording. This flat trim can also be made using a contrast fabric. Because of similar labor and material costs, pricing is typically the same as self welt or contrast welt trim. The most popularly requested self flange is a butterfly pleat style. The trim is pleated at the corners of the pillow to offer a bit more interest.

This trim option is ideal for bedding as it adds a soft and more feminine touch to your space.


Turkish Corner Pillow

 Custom Designer Pillow with Turkish Corner Knife Edge Made in Mississippi

Custom Designer Pillow with Turkish Corner Self Welt Made in Mississippi

A Turkish corner is made by folding and pleating the pillow fabric at the corners. This style gives a boxier look to your pillows while still using a standard pillow insert for filling. Inserts for Turkish corner pillows should still be purchased based on our recommended insert sizing guidelines. This style pillow is excellent for more elegant and formal sofas. Be mindful that because of it's "boxy" nature, this type of pillow may not be ideal for "chopping" on your sofa.

Because of additional labor involved (and material cost if adding self welt), this trim option is often the most expensive to order.

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