We have collaborated with a workroom specializing in drapery to bring you extensive options to dress up your windows! Although we do not make these panels in our own workroom, we make sure each panel is carefully crafted to your specifications and to meet your expectations. Completed panels are shipped directly to you from the drapery workroom.

There are two types of window treatments offered in our shop: side panels and drapery. Side panels are intended to be stationary and decorative, meaning they typically remain open and may not fully cover the window when closed. Drapery panels are intended to be functional so that when closed they cover the entire width of the window for privacy and light blocking.

Side panels in our shop are offered in two widths: 1-width and 2-width. One-width panels measure 18.5" + 3.5" return (~22" total). Two-width panels measure 37" + 3.5" return (~41" total).

Drapery is available in any width necessary to cover your window and to fit your drapery rod up to a maximum width of 180" for "one way" draw or 290" for "split" draw. One way draw is when the panel is stacked only to one side of the window. Split draw is when the drapery is split in the middle creating a right and left panel for stacking each side of the window.

So which is best for your window?

Side panels are a great option for dining rooms or sitting rooms where the window treatments will typically remain open and no privacy is needed. They can also serve as an excellent option for windows that have a roller shade or woven shade. The shade is used for privacy, and the side panels simply give a more polished look.

Drapery is necessary to use for windows when privacy is needed. This is particularly true for spaces like bedrooms. If your living room has a street view or a backyard neighbor in close proximity, you may also prefer drapery for its privacy.

Depending on the width of your window, side panels may be able to serve as functional drapery. We'll discuss how to measure your windows and choose the right window treatments in Drapery Series #2.

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