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Fabricut Quick Ship Drapery Rosemary Linen White; applying decorative trim to drapery panels

Drapery Series #4: Adding trim.

To customize your drapery panels further, a decorative trim can be added along the leading edge. Our workroom is only able to offer this customization for local pick-up only. Learn what size trim is best and how we apply the trim for the most professional finish.

Fabricut Quick Ship Drapery Rosemary Linen White

Drapery Series #1: Fabric Selection

We offer eight colorways for purchase from Fabricut's Pacific Linen and Rosemary Linen collection. Learn how to choose just the right fabric for your space. Other colorways and fabric blends may be available upon request.

Fabricut Quick Ship Drapery Rosemary Linen White

Drapery Series #3: Accommodating Drapery Hardware

It is important to be sure your drapery hardware can accommodate the drapery panels your purchase. Whether you intend your panels to be stationary or functional, learn how to hang drapery panels appropriately and learn how many drapery rings you need for each panel width we offer.

Fabricut Quick Ship Drapery Rosemary Linen White

Drapery Series #2: How to Measure

Measuring windows is one of the most complicated parts of ordering drapery panels. It is important to be sure the panels will fit as you expect them to. Learn how to measure and how to determine the right width and length for your space.

It is with Thanksgiving.

It is with Thanksgiving.

It's hard for me to believe that the end of this year completes the shop's third year in operation. It's been a wild ride since I opened this shop full-time at the end of 2019: first C*VID, then supply chain issues, now inflation, and potentially that dreaded "R" word that seems to be lurking around the corner. Earlier this week, I was reading a story of a local Mississippi business that is closing its doors effective immediately. All 2700+ employees were laid off without any notice. It's absolutely heartbreaking, and the news comes at the worst time of the year. These stories seem to be more common lately as our economic forecast grows a bit more grim each day. Even with COVID and supply chain issues in my first two years, it was fairly easy to sell my pillows. We all had money to spend, and we were all eager to freshen up our homes that had now become our offices. But something changed this summer. What should've been a big sales month in July turned into my first month of negative growth. That stung a bit, and it certainly brought about a bit of anxiety thinking this might be the new normal for a while.

How to Select Dyelots and Match Fabrics and Pillows; Custom Designer Pillow Covers Made in Mississippi

Dye lots.

Fabrics can vary from bolt to bolt because of the handmade nature in the manufacturing process. It's important to make sure you receive exactly what you expect, so read our first post in a series of posts on how to best shop our pillow covers.