Side panels offered in our shop are intended as stationary panels but can be used as functional panels adorning your window. If you prefer functional drapery (meaning when the panels are closed, they cover the entire window and window casing) make sure you read the information below to be sure these will fit correctly in your space.


The width of each panel is the measurement taken across the header (top of the panel), from end to end. One width panels measure ~22" wide. Two width panels measure ~41" wide. When fully open and compressed to the end of the rod, the stack back measurement of one width panels is ~8" and two width panels is ~13".

For stationary panels, the header width is not as critical as selecting the right hem length. You will need to select one-width or two-width based on the scale of your window. For windows measuring less than 45-50" (measurement includes window casing), one-width panels will be sufficient for scale. For windows measuring greater than 45-50" (measurement includes window casing), you might consider two-width panels for proper scale.

For functional drapery, it is important to know the width of your drapery rod before determining if these panels will fully cover your window when closed. We recommend the drapery rod extending at least 2-3" beyond each side of the window casing to ensure panels will cover the casing properly once hung.

Each panel has a standard ~3.5" overlap (leading edge of panel that overlaps in center of window to prevent light from seeping through) and a standard ~3.5" return (edge of panel that is typically hooked to or "returned" to the wall at the end of the rod). If using a bent rod return instead of a straight rod, the return drapery hook can be attached to a ring instead.

One-width panels should sufficiently cover a window ~34" wide or smaller (measurement includes window casing). Two width panels should sufficiently cover a window ~72" wide or smaller (measurement includes window casing).


Fabricut Quick Ship Drapery Rosemary Linen, How to hook return to wall or ring



Drapery panels are available to order in six different hem lengths: 84", 90", 96", 105", 108", and 120".

We recommend drapery panels be hung at least 4-6" above the window casing. If the space from the top of the window casing to your ceiling is >10", you can hang the drapery panels even higher above the window casing. This helps give the appearance of a taller window.

For functional drapes, it's best for panels to just touch the floor or be no more than 1/2" above the floor. This allows for ease of opening and closing the drapes. You may prefer stationary drapes to "puddle" on the floor (as shown below).


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