A month ago I wrote a newsletter with a little more detail about how COVID-19 was affecting my business.  If you're interested, please go read (https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5e73d5545af0de0026e0d482).

Just like you, the uncertainty of it all caused much anxiety and emotion for me, but as time has moved forward, I've thankfully been able to find peace along with a new routine.  The overwhelming emotions are a little less frequent, and I've become even more hopeful that "it will all work out" and sooner rather than later.
When the news first hit that Mississippi would be "shutdown" for an unknown length of time, I had all the same fears you did... and still do to be quite honest.  There is no lack of opinion found regarding this shutdown either, so I've had to learn to set boundaries and focus my mind on other things as to not create more unnecessary emotions.

As you are now well aware, I left my full-time nursing career in December to focus more on my growing pillow shop.  Little did I know that in just a few short months, my business would be faced with one of the largest public health scares and a subsequent economic crisis.  I (sort of) laugh now at all the plans I had prior to COVID-19 to grow my shop during the Spring season... none of those things have come to fruition, or at least not in the way I had planned.  BUT, God is good, and he has continued to provide for me and my little pillow shop.  My needs have been met, and that is all I require at this very moment.

In my newsletter update in March, I wrote about my new plans.  I wanted to use this time to develop a better website among other things.  I have thankfully continued to have pillow orders, so it's taken me longer than I thought it would to get my website up and running.  But it's finally ready to launch!
As of today, you can shop all of my custom designer pillows on my website. 

There are a few things to note before shopping:

1. Because I keep a limited amount of fabric in stock, I have extended shipment times for all of my pillows.  I will still do my best to have your pillow ready for shipment within a few days of your order.  However, I may have to order more fabric to complete your order, which may delay shipment by a few weeks.
2. My Etsy site will remain open for the foreseeable future, and you can continue to find some "ready to ship" pillows on sale there.
3. Some materials I use for my pillows are on back-order.  This has not caused any delays for my shipping as of yet, but I anticipate this will change in the next few weeks as I am beginning to now run low on some of these fabrics and materials.
4. If you need your pillows quickly and want to confirm shipping dates prior to your order, please email me (katie.mississippistitches@gmail.com) to confirm availability.

So what's next for my pillow shop?  Before COVID-19 entered our country, I had purchased lots of new fabrics for several new collections I intended to release this Spring.  Many of those fabrics have now been collecting a little dust in my closet, but I feel like now is a good time to bring them to light!  One collection, in particular, I think will be perfect for that baby boom (*hint*) we're going to see in a few months!  A few of you are going to need to decorate a nursery (*another hint*), and I'll have just the pillows for you!

I'll still be working a while longer behind the scenes on my website, but I'm excited to finally launch it and begin directing you there to shop my custom designer pillows online!  My next task to tackle is Pinterest... go follow me there and wish me luck!

As always, I sincerely appreciate your support for my growing pillow shop.  Your kind words and encouragement are so good for my soul!


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    Are congratulations in order is Ruthie going to be a doggy sister?!

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    Well Done!

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